Colorado Countryside

As a Colorado homeowner, you probably already know that the housing market is booming in the big cities, like Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. If you live in a more rural area, however, you may be a bit worried about selling your home quickly, let alone at all.

It’s true that homes south of Boulder and the surrounding area aren’t doing too well on the market nowadays. More and more people are wanting to buy houses in bigger towns and cities, but don’t give up hope. There are a lot of things you can do to help avoid sitting on the market for months on end. 

Make it Modern

People love the beautiful, modernized homes that can be found in the major cities. Many shy away from the idea of buying older homes and fixer-uppers because they want to enjoy all of the modern amenities that can be found in new and newly-renovated houses – without putting in a ton of work right off the bat. Before you put your Colorado home on the market, consider giving it a solid update, particularly the important amenities like modern kitchen and baths. You don’t have to add the latest and most expensive items, but just by bringing it into the modern era, you’ll do wonders not just for your turnaround time, but your asking price. A renovation loan can help you pay for new appliances, new flooring and other upgrades to make your home appeal to today’s modern market.

Focus on the Beauty of the Outdoors

Your home has something that the homes in the big cities don’t: a charming view of the countryside – with mountain views in the background. Take advantage of this by using part of your home remodeling loan to really focus on the outdoors.

Start with the landscaping. City dwellers don’t want the major work of improving a surrounding lawn, so take your barren Rocky Mountain sagebrush look and turn it into the type of lawn even the most city slick can handle. Add in local, resistant plants that will thrive in the chilly and dry conditions of the Colorado countryside.

Consider using your renovation loan to build an outdoor living area. Not only does it add to the home’s living space, increasing the square footage and bringing it outside, but it captures the beauty and breathtaking views of the home’s surroundings – something not even a city skyscraper can offer.

Pitch it Properly

A beautiful location is made even better by a beautiful house, and a home remodeling loan can help with that. But what makes a house sell even faster is actually all about timing and the description in the listing. List during the height of the most beautiful season, like spring or fall. When writing the listing, ask your realtor to focus on nearby amenities, because many transit folks will assume country living means no businesses close by. Along with taking out a home remodeling loan to make your house a bit more appealing to a general market, make sure that you take your time when writing up your listing. And provide plenty of pictures of your newly renovated, beautiful country home. After all, the hustle and bustle of the city is only good for a while – then it’s time to settle down and spread out. When you’re ready to update your home, call First Mortgage Solutions for your home remodeling loan needs!

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